mtools and Solaris 10

I could not find a binary distribution for mtools under Solaris 10 Intel. So I downloaded the mtools source archive and the patches. There was a tiny problem to apply the patches, since most of the files were read only, so I had to

chmod u+w `grep "diff -ur" mtools-3.9.10-20060228b.diff |\
cut -c 64- |\
cut -d\ -f1`
patch -i mtools-3.9.10-20060228b.diff

First attempts to compile and run were unsuccessfull, but with the following enable/disable configure and make run without errors:

./configure --enable-new-vold --disable-floppyd --prefix=/optsfw
su -c "/usr/ccs/bin/make install"
Beware that make runs only with /usr/ccs/bin included in the path, also the sunfreeware tools must be installed and /opt/sfw/bin should appear in your PATH. Still make instal coplains about not finding makeinfo, but I can live without the info documentation.