Grub Stuff

Since GRUB leagcy (the Grand Unified Bootloader Version 1) from the GNU Project is frozen unfinished. I tried previously (until 0.94, when it was still under active development) to have the current version of it here for download. Since June 2004 binary distributions for i386 are available at So I stopped putting them here. Fow now, only outdated PDFs for Grub legacy can still be found here (0.96 and 0.97, both created with texi2pdf from the sources). The current manual, which is available from the GNU pages is now for Grub 2 (these pages switched from Grub legacy to Grub 2 on August 19th 2010).

I created some notes on using Grub legacy for special tasks, which still might be of some interest:

For having a german keyboard layout (slightly incomplete, but workable) with grub, put the follwing entry into your menu.lst:

title = German Keyboard Layout
configfile /boot/grub/german.txt

and put the file german.txt in the same directory, where your menu.lst is. If you select this entry, the german layout will be loaded and you'll be offered to reload the current menu.lst. This is a workaround until grub knows how to include a file (a topic on the wish list). Thanks to Thierry Laronde for providing a french template, which I was able to adapt to german (I do not remember, if I downloaded it or if it was just on the grub mailing list). Although this list has bug in its name, it is a general mailing list for grub, which also provides help for newbies.

Bernhard Treutwein, 7. March 2011
btreut (at) lrz (dot) uni-muenchen (dot) de