A Translator from Modula-2 to Component Pascal / Oberon

This translator is a port of NW's translator from V4/2 (?) to component pascal.

The source of the converter modules (M2S.Eth and Modula.Eth) is given as a Linz-V4 file, which can be imported by the standard V4 importer. Linz-V4 is used since it allows version elements, i.e. keeping the V4 and the CP versions in the same source). PrivTexts is a crude implementation of a glue module, which simulates some basic features of V4's Texts. It is a standard BlackBox document. If M2S.Eth and Modula.Eth are stored in Linz-V4 this should be done with version element set to CP and fully expanded.

Files: Priv/Docu/Modula.odc Priv/Mod/M2S.Eth Priv/Mod/Modula.Eth Priv/Mod/Texts.odc Priv/Mod/ErrM2OtoBB.odc

Revision History:

        1.0     07-Jan-98        first release
        1.1     18-Mar-98       support for BB error elements added
                                          changed strategy for opening DEF/MOD pairs

 BlackBox StdCoded files                                  ZIP archive of V4 files

OV4Texts for BlackBox: A small glue module to ease porting V4 applications to BlackBox. This is still unfinished work, it implements currently only the V2 functionality and may contain bugs and errors. Feel free to use it, but don't blame me if something does not work as expected or documented. More important, especially if you correct errors, please give me some feedback so that the improvements can be included in future releases. BlackBox StdCoded files.

Depot/4 for BlackBox. The "Dresdener Programm Transformation" is a kind of compiler compiler based on yet another extension of EBNF. BlackBox StdCoded files. Some more information can be found here.

Modified hex importer for BlackBox: It optionally outputs the printable representation in collumns or lines in addition to the hex codes: BlackBox standard coded files

George Marsaglia's MWC (multiply with carry) random number generator  posted in sci.stat.math, sci.math on 30-Jan-98 as x86 assembler routine.  For references do a News search on "A very fast and very good Random Number Generator". BlackBox standard coded files for BlackBox 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 and 1.3x.

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